VP of sales at Burton speaks up on TW Biz

Hello, to all the unknowing and “blind to the fact”…

Last year, Burton Snowboards flooded the market with hardgoods, thus hindering the ability for smaller companies like ourselves to have a good sales year. Not only did it affect us but it affected the whole industry. Shops were forced to purchase tons of Burton product at no discount, without any gurantee of a sell-through and were left with loads of inventory at the end of the year that had to be sold at deep discounts just to break even. In fact, some shops were unable to break even and had to close their doors. Is this how you treat the ones who have brought you to where you are today?? Brilliant move guys. Analysts forecast that they are sure this will happen again for the 2nd year in a row.

It’s funny beacuse on TW Biz, Clark Gundlach, VP of sales at Burton, gave his take on the current hardgoods supply and demand situation that has plagued our industry. He must not realize that they are the plague. Also, it seems as though TW Biz has disabled the comment section of this article. Feel free to leave your comments here. We’ll be sure your voice is heard.


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4 thoughts on “VP of sales at Burton speaks up on TW Biz

  1. Sam Verhoeven says:

    the reason burton has so much product out there is because if you buy burton bindings, they will break so you have to go back an get 2 or 5 pairs of bindings in a season. go and buy flux bindings and thell last for 5 seasons or untill you guys release new colourways that look sick so you just gotta have a new pair even though ther is nothing wrong with the olds ones you have in your snowboard bag. thanks fulx for making the best binding on the market. fuck burton

  2. With the path that Burton has been taking as of late it seems like a perfect time for smaller companies to take advantage. Flux bindings has done just that with the huge addition of Romain and JP to the team.

    Don’t let the power of greed interfere with what’s good for customers and your brand or you just might end up selling to Costco not because you can, BUT BECAUSE YOU HAVE TOO!

    All the best,
    Ryan Robertson
    Royal Board Shop

  3. Adrian says:

    Honestly burton suck, i had 2 different burton blunt boards which is suppose to be a All terrain Park board, n it was probably the worst board i have riddin since, my regret was buying two of them. I had freestyle bindings, But those were super weayk i might as well have bought rentals, then i tried steppin up to the cartel, this definetly was not much better. Well the point is Flux, Union, Rome, technine are companies who care about the Rider, My Buddy let me borrow his Titan Rk’s for a day, N i thought to myself THESE ARE FREAKIN AWESOME!!!! Burton Board and bindings blow, there boots r kinda comfortable but still way over priced, there gonna end up being Like some cheap ass generic company like GM

  4. Andy Lee says:

    I have been in the industry for twelve years now, fixin other people’s gear and averaging 120 day seasons.
    Burton bindings fall apart. So do lot of companies though. Burton is a bit better on a warranty issue in my region. They have to be or they’d piss off alot of people.
    The mega companies poor designs have kept me franken-stinding together folks bindings while they could be whippin up some pow pow platters. I have seen straps fail mid air, Large park hits ( Tobe Jon Martinez, Copper Mtn, Flow Bindings). Ratchet failures right outta the box(Ride Bindings). And highback bolts that need tightening daily(anyone ride Burton?). Bindings should be comfortable and maintenance free. Bindings really just have to work, not rocket science.
    The amount of crap sold to big box stores, at a lower price, is killing core shops. The punk at Sports Authority doesn’t know what to even ask people when shoving a complete set-up down some sorry kids throat. Graphics and colors are the current educated decision. If average consumerperson knew more, They’d put their duckets down on tried and true durabitlity and comfort. Who tests bindings? No one impatially tests em long enuff to watch the bling wear off.
    I keep a handful of parts in my pocket for other peoples bindings! I’m all about shredin with a posse. YES! Friends on a powder day. But with all the binders losing predictable pieces, Someone has to be ready to fix’em up in a jiffy.
    One of my earliest set of Flux Bindings from 04-05 have over 500 days on em (Been passed around) without a single issue, EVER! I’m now a lifer and have talked more than a few people into their first pair. No one has been anything but stoked on the proddy.

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