9/18 – Hot Dawgs and Hand Rails @ Bear Mountain CA

On September 18, 2010 Bear Mountain hosted the perpetually infamous Hot Dogs and Handrails. Invited pro riders travel to Big Bear, California to compete in the annual end of the summer rail jam. Local shredders from all over So Cal have made the event an unofficial holiday to celebrate and kick off the upcoming snow season. This years setup had a street spot vibe, complete with ledges, down handrails, a planter gap and a wall ride. Flux team rider, Nick Visconti, threw a one-footer on the wall feature, and 5-0 to front flip over the planter securing him 1st place in the contest! Congratulations go out to Nick for some epic riding! Beside the September shred, at sundown viewers got a chance to see the premier of this years People’s Cheers and Bear’s Mtn. Video Paint it Red. Spectators at the event and the after party were stoked to receive shwagg from vendors—especially Flux. Hot Dogs and Handrails at Big Bear Mountain is incomparable to any other summer shred event and left everyone with an amplified craving for the snow flakes to fall. Hot diggity dog! 2010/2011 season is just around the corner!

Click HERE for some TWS coverage of the event

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