Valentines Day Contest Winner loves his new RKs

The winner of our Valentines day contest is loving his new bindings! Mizl from Tahoe says, “100” in 72 hours last week, face shots all day. Just wanted to send a massive thanks to you guys at Flux for keeping me strapped up fresh to de,f chyea!”

Do you want to win a fresh pair of bindings?
You still have a chance to win in our St. Patrick’s Day contest!
A leprechaun has stolen a pair of bindings and is stashing them at the end of the rainbow until a lucky Flux fan earns his gold coins.

How do you earn the Fluxrechauns gold coins?

Follow on twitter–> @fluxbindingsusa

The Fluxrechaun will be tweeting riddles and other ways to earn coins periodically from now until St. Patty’s Day on March 17th.

The first person to post the riddle and the CORRECT answer on our facebook wall will earn the Fluxrechaun’s gold coin. The fan with the most gold coins by March 17th wins a pair of BINDINGS!

All answers to the Fluxrechaun’s riddles can be found on our website,,

our blog,,

or our facebook page,

Follow us on twitter to be the first to get the Fluxrechaun’s riddles and to get live news and information from Flux about this contest and others coming up!

May the luck of the Irish be with you.


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