Baldy Banked Slalom raises money for JIB FOR JAPAN!

We were at Mt. Baldy for the Baldy Banked Slalom yesterday. We had a blast. CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL THE PHOTOS! Not only did we have a blast mashing down the hill for the best time, REI and Arbor decided to donate their raffle ticket sales to us to add on to our donations for JIB FOR JAPAN!!!! On top of that, one of the winners/ the fastest man of the day, Steve Klassen of Wave Rave auctioned his prize (Arbor board) to the highest bidder for $250, then matched that bid and added a another $250 and donated that to JIB FOR JAPAN too!! THANK YOU!!
JIB FOR JAPAN is going to be awesome! We can’t wait to shred the love for Japan! For more information on the event, click here!
Here are some photos of the Baldy Banked Slalom.
It was a beautiful day at Mt. Baldy. It was a March Miracle that their was so much snow for the event!

Ray getting ready to get his race on.

Ole from Baldy keeps it fresh on the slopes.

Tagging up helmets of shredder kids.

Flux gave bindings to the person who most accurately predicted the winning time for the slalom race and also raffled off bindings to the crowd!

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2 thoughts on “Baldy Banked Slalom raises money for JIB FOR JAPAN!

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  2. Adam Howle says:

    Thanks for coming out Flux! You guys were awesome. Could you please upload some of those great pictures to the website?

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