Hey ya’ll! This is a reminder to everyone that the Jib for Japan rider relief fundraiser is popping off this Sunday, 4/3 at Bear Mtn. in Big Bear, CA.

Make sure to spread the word and bring all your friends and family to this great event.

Jib for Japan Information:
Purchase your Raffle Tickets at:
*Laps for Japan table at the bottom of chair 5
*The prize table in front of the Icebox
*From volunteers walking around with the tickets
$5 white raffle tickets and $20 red raffle tickets available
If you buy a $5 white raffle ticket you will be eligible for huge prizes from our sponsors.
If you buy a $20 red raffle ticket, you get one extra $5 raffle ticket and you will be entered into the Premium Raffle.
After you buy your tickets, stop by the prize table on the deck in front of the Icebox to drop off your ticket and check out the prizes you can win!
By entering into the raffle and dropping off your tickets to the prize table, you will receive a free Salonpas pain reliever and a Wahoo’s taco ticket!
Raffles will be announced during course maintenance between rounds and posted at the bottom of Chair 5. Claim your prize before the Men Open Finals are over or you will be reentered into the draw!
Additional raffles announced before and after the final awards.
-Laps for Japan
@Chair 5
Donate $10 and get a Jib for Japan hat and a white raffle ticket.
Donate $20 and you get a Jib for Japan tee and a white raffle ticket.
Donate $25 and get both and a white raffle ticket.
With both T-shirt and Hat (given for $25 donation) we will sponsor you from 11:00-12:00 For every lap you take on chair 5 during 11:00-12:00 we will donate $1 (Must wear the T-shirt and the hat to be counted)

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