Welcome to Japan!

In preparation of the 2012-2013 Flux Bindings line-up, we went to Japan to discuss and finalize products with our Flux family overseas.
We arrived in Japan and quickly went out to see the city and attempt to beat the jetlag that was in defiantly upon us. We got happy at happy hour…then happier…and happier…and happier yet. We were gladly greeted by our Japanese Flux family and celebrated to the start of our trip.

After a long night we made our way to the Carmate/Flux office. For those of you who don’t know, Carmate is Flux’s parent company and sells everything from car accessories, to ‘Inno’ car racks, to baby car seats and more. Flux is a branch of the company and the office has many people working hard to make Flux the best it could be. It seems the snowboard scene in Japan is way larger and different than that in the United States and they have different styles and trends going on that we would never see in the US. You can tell by what people wear on the streets that everyone has a style that they are not afraid to express to the max. They are not afraid to stand out with their own unique style. Us cats in the states need to get with the program! After the first work day was over, we went out to dinner and Karaoke! We explained what the states slang ‘homie’ means and talked about our usage of the word ‘dude.’ I’ve never had to explain what a homie was and by doing so I think I gained a couple more. At Karaoke we sang, “Hey Dude,” oops…I mean, “Hey Jude” by the Beatles and rocked out with the new homies.

Gregor Common from Europe, Tony Perez from the Rockies, Jay Gatlin from Northern California and Amine Yasmine from New Zealand joined us today to continue to discuss the 12-13 Flux Bindings Line.

Today, we talked about the proposed 2012-2013 Flux Bindings line-up. It is our 20th Anniversary line, so be prepared for some sweet styling and original designs. In respect of our ‘Double Decade’ you will be seeing an even more lightweight binding with the application ‘re-newed’ highbacks and baseplates. We are still doing work finalizing the line– so keep posted for more updates.
We also talked about the new website design and are excited to have it up and running soon. The new site will have the 2011-2012 binding line up on display as well as updated Flux team information.
You will be stoked with what Flux has coming from Japan!

Stay posted!!!! More photos and video to come!

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