Authorized FLUX dealer-Tahoe Daves

Tahoe Dave’s Boardshop
600 N. Lake Blvd.

Owners/Managers: John Percy
Year established: 1977
Nearest Resort: Apline Meadows, Squaw, Northstar

Dave Wilderotter started Tahoe Dave’s Skis & Boards in 1977 at the Henrikson building in Tahoe City. Dave had a small room, 15 pair of skis, a workbench and an immense desire to “have a good time and stay out of jail.” (Which still applies today.) Since Dave couldn’t afford to pay rent for his new business and a place to live, he did the only thing he could. He made a make shift bedroom above the bathroom in the ski shop. And the rest is history.

We are not the shop that is too cool to talk to our customers. All of our employees have been geeking out on snowboards since they could walk and we love to share what we know. We are most known for our attention to detail when it comes to fitting people in the perfect boots. That attention to detail also spreads to every other aspect of winter gear including the employee favorite Flux Bindings.

Who will you see when you go in Tahoe Daves?
John Percy, Willie Wilkerson, Paulina Obolewicz, Jenna Shlachter, Minta Ludwig,

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