It’s Friday! We made it through the week!! 

Here are some clips from some of our Flux team to start off your weekend  Fluxing Fantastically!

If you are in SoCal, Laguna is the place to be this weekend!  Tonight, ‘Givin’ presents “One,” starring Flux riders Cody Rosenthal and Jake Koia at Regency Laguna, South Coast Cinema. Take a look at the teaser and check the poster for a premier in your neck of the woods.  It looks like it is going to be rad.



Jake Koia shows us around his motherland, Queenstown, New Zealand, in this video put out by Red Bull.  He is rockin the new DMCC-lights.  Maybe that’s why he is flying so high.  CLICK HERE to see the video.


Not only does Zac Marben get creative on the snow, he gets artsy on canvas too.  This Saturday Zac is  holding his own art show!  If his art is as good as his other skills, you won’t want to miss this.

Zac also just got an invitation to the Burton Rail Days, set to be held in the middle of the busy streets of Tokyo on November 19th.   That gives you plenty of time to get your passport and a ticket overseas—right? Just throwing it out there…


If city riding isn’t your style, you should check out JP Solberg in Twe12ve.   This is the kind of snow that we could only slash in our wildest dreams.  He really is doing it big.  Check out the teaser for a taste of what the whole Absinthe movie is about.


Chris Brewster takes some shots in Ammo— an all am video that is more than worth seeing.

Check out this intro of some smashes and thrashes and go pick it up in your local shop.


After residing in the Hood all summer, the lovely Madison Blackley stopped by the Snowboarder Magazine office to do a guestbook interview.  Click here to see what she has to say.

Were excited to see more from Madi this coming season.


Ryan Tarbell and Chad Tarbell tear up the streets of Big Bear.  Literally.  From porches to balconies, they take on the irregular and make it irresistible. It must be in their blood.

Please don’t try this at home.


Do you need the definition of swaggg surfin?? No need to urban dictionary that…just check this video of Erik Leon in his SR15’s.

Flux rider Ian Sams also tears it up in this Hood edit.

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