Fluxing Fantastic….

This past weekend, snowboarders took over the OC as “Given” was premiered in Laguna Beach Friday, September 16.  A lot of people came out to the old theater to watch some good old fashion snow slashin and ridiculous rail riding.

Snow movies should play in theaters more often–everyone was having a good time.

A big congratulations goes out to Zac Marben for having a wildly successful first art show!    From the small detailed doodles of black pen on white paper, to the big brush strokes of some of his larger pieces—Zac’s creative energy shown through!  A definite favorite was his enlarged polaroid photos on a wood backing.   Zacs art, set alongside some awesome musicians, a vibin crowd and complementary brews was a great time! Keep the art alive Zac!







Jordan Michilot and Matty Mo are really workin it in this film,– “Working for the City.”   You can watch and enjoy the full film here! 

Do you know how to party? You should take some lessons from these guys.  Laying it down in the indoor course. Check out some of our Japanese riders in this video….

So, are you ready to party? Come bring in the upcoming season at Hot Dawgs and Handrails this Saturday, September 24th at BEAR MOUNTAIN!  Flux riders, Chris Brewster, Ryan Tarbell, Ian Sams, Jaeger Bailey, Chad Tarbell, and Scotty Vine will all be riding in the contest.  You wont want to miss it!

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