Happy Friday Flux Fans!!!

If you haven’t heard of the annual Hot Dawgs and Handrails–going down tomorrow– you must be living on a different planet!

Tomorrow at Bear Mountain, they are pulling in tons and tons and tons of snow to make a sweet snow set up.  Invited riders like Chris Brewster, Scotty Vine, Jaeger Bailey, Chad Tarbell, Ryan Tarbell, and Ian Sams all get to take on the set up for a chance to win $15,000!!

We wish all of our Flux team the best of luck.  For more information on the set up and to watch a live webcast…Visit Snowboardermag.com



On the other side of the earth, Flux is getting love and hugs.

Check out this video from Flux rider Tom Rielly and some of his thugs down under.


Check out the full movie, ‘Working for the City’ featuring Flux riders Jordan Michilot and Matty Mo .


This October, keep and eye out for Arbor’s film ‘Van Delirium.’

Flux riders Ian Sams, Erik Leon, and Scotty Vine adventured to Washington and back and caught some wild footie on the way.

My favorite part is the lady at the end of this teaser walking her boyfriend on a leash.

Looks like its going to be a trip……

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