Feliz de Friday Flux Fans!  It is the last day of September and we are officially falling into Fall–the season between summer livin and winter wonderland– the season of waiting.  Autumn is the time to amp up, gear up, and start seriously thinking about snowboarding.

Flux riders Erik Leon and Ian Sams took a trip last season from Crestline, CA to Stevens Pass, WA and back— known only as Van Delirium.  It was wild…it was trippy…and I wouldn’t expect anything less from these guys.  They are awesome.  On the Van Delirium, they contemplated– “Why do we snowboard? Why do we care why we snowboard? If we care about why we snowboard, then are we really focusing on what matters most? What does matter the most? Why wouldn’t we just go snowboarding for the sake of snowboarding?”

So, for the sake of snowboarding… this is episode 1 of their trip :

Didn’t we say these guys are awesome?  So awesome that Ian won $25,000 in the SME video contest that was announced at Hot Dawgs last weekend!!  A big congrats goes out to him– he will be livin cheesy this winter! Check out the video that got him the win by CLICKING HERE!

Besides winning more cash than the actual winners of the contest– Ian laid down some gnarly tricks at Hot Dawgs.  The weather was perfect, the set up was huge, and Flux riders were killing it.  If you didn’t make it, the event was very well documented.  Snowboarder Magazine and Transworld Snowboard Magazine all captured the moment well, while we got some sweet shots of our Flux team.  Stay tuned for the video–coming soon.

Yuma Abe and Kataro Kamimura flew out from Japan just for Hot Dawgs—Why weren’t you there?

Jaeger Bailey was head over heels about his first ever Hot Dawgs experience….

So was Cody Boan…..  Newly rockin the RK30s.

Chris Brewster came all the way from Alaska and showed us some tricks that made his “Ammo” part especially epic.

Scotty Vine, Scotty Vine… always a good time…


On the otherside of the globe, the YES crew premiered their movie in Chile and Jake Koia premiered “Given’s, ‘One.'”  in his hometown of Queenstown.  The movies was just as good there as it was here… but they were in a these rad places and  just had more Red Bulls. Looks like it got wild.  Check out Jake’s Blog and this wrap up video….





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