Happy Friday!

One thing that makes winter seem a little closer is flipping though the numerous snowboard magazines that flood the mail.

The new Transworld Snowboard Magazine was hand delivered to our office yesterday.  Check out this photo of JP Solberg riding though a snow cave…woooowee! ! Winter is right around the corner!!

This issue features a section devoted to bindings that enhance your boarding.  The TT30 Flux/Ashbury collabo took a spot in the lineup as a top choice.

Stay posted on our facebook–we will be giving away these bindings with a pair of Ashbury goggles!

Our contest to win super limited, orange, DS30’s is underway! These bindings are the only pair like it in the whole United States of America. The only pair outside of Japan!  All you have to do to be entered to win is share the photo on our facebook!  CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS.

Van Delirium is the dankiest documentation of the day.  Watch this episode of the excellent Erik Leon, the steezy Scotty Vine, and the irie Ian Sams. :

June Bhongjan visited the Snowboardermag office to do a guestbook interview. She has been the gal behind peepshow and is ready to rock in her flat black GU15’s  this coming season. Go see what she has to say by CLICKING HERE.

Madison Blackley did a little bit of night riding with the early season snowfall…check it out! 

We have all heard about Chris Brewster’s part in ‘Ammo,’ but have you seen it? This guy gets down. You can tell he’s vibin from the handjams and dance-dance he throws in.   He was at the Downtown Throw Down in Portland last week and will be competing in San Francisco’s Downtown Throw Down next week! Good luck out there Chris!  Check out his full part here!

Evo.com is offering free shipping on Flux Bindings.  They are also donating one piece of clothing to charity for every piece purchased.  Go do a good deed, and pick up your FLUX BINDINGS while you’re at it! CLICK HERE TO GET THE COUPONS!

Go to the Winter Session party November 5th… you can win some bindings!!

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