Authorized Flux Dealer- The Boardroom of Jackson Hole

The Boardroom of Jackson Hole

225 W. Broadway, Jakson, WY, 83001


Owners/Managers: Lauri Aittola

Awesome Employees: Andrew and Chelsey

Nearest Resort:  Jackson Hole, Snow King, Grand Targhee

The Boardroom of Jackson Hole has been around for almost 20 years as a snowboard and skate shop. Currently, Lauri is the third owner in 20 years having taken the reigns as of Oct 1, 2010. It’s always been the little snow and skate shop in town, a staple in town.

A twenty year local institution; we have a mini ramp for skating outside, we’ve also added a coffee shop in here called “Mughshot espresso” run by Amy Marrington.  Gourmet, locally roasted, organic coffee and local pastries etc. We even have a couple pinball games in here as well as skate and snowboard videos for sale and for rent. We are also an art gallery of sorts with over 20 local arrists works on display and for sale. We also carry over 20 local brands. We are trying to support local folks as much as possible as well as nationally recognized brands of course. The vibe we have tried to create is a place where you can come in and hang out and not feel like you have to buy something every time.

Head on over to the Boardroom of Jackson Hole to get your Flux Bindings!

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