Happy Halloween Flux Fans!  If you are looking for a good pumpkin design, slap a Flux sticker on it and make a Flux-o-lantern!!  One of our fantastic Flux fans made this one for us! Have you entered the contest on our facebook page? You can win these super limited edition orange DS30s! The only pair in the US! We will announce the winner on Monday!  CLICK HERE for details!

Jordan Michilot is pairing his DS30s with his own Academy Bro Model. CLICK HERE to see Jordan’s personalized setup.  The light weight and responsiveness of the DS30’s along with the pop and stability of the Academy bro model board will get you all sorts of Michilot’d.

Scotty Vine made his perfect setup.  He has always loved his SF45’s for response and stability while slashing one footed 720s and hundred foot rails.  Last season his blue, pink and green gradation bindings were well represented and this year, these bumble bee killers will be no different.   He took both colorways of the black and yellow SF45 bindings and mixed them together, then color coordinated the stickers. The stance is 23 inches wide, the front angle is +15 and the back foot is -15. Overall, the entire set up weigh’s roughly 10 pounds.

Arbor Europe holds an annual riders meeting where they meet, greet, and shred!  The European team got to try out their new bindings and it looks like they were stoked.  We can’t wait to ride the new bindings for ourselves once the snow starts to fall.  Check out this video of the Euros killing it…

New England and Utah shops got a chance to check out Flux Bindings this past week.  On a short trip around the area, bindings were brought in and shops got a chance to see what Flux is all about.  Be expecting to see more Flux fans in the area!  Here are a few photos from the trips….

Winter Session Party is next Saturday! Win yourself a pair of bindings and get your bowl on.  

From all of us at Flux…. Happy Birthday to the awesome rep of the Rockies, Tony Perez!


One thought on “FLUX FRIDAY!

  1. TP says:

    holy shit! That dude was really buggin! Classic times in Japan! Thank again for reminding me this happened!

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