Flux Friday!

It’s been a long week but we have finally made it to Friday!

We started out the week with Bear Mountain’s ‘Sunday in the park’ featuring a few shots from Flux rider Chad Tarbell. Keoni was also out there sporting his fresh TT30s.  Were stoked to see what comes around this Sunday funday. CLICK HERE TO SEE EPISODE 2 OF SUNDAY IN THE PARK. 


One way to get rid of that case of the Monday’s is to tune into Mark ass Mondays.  This week’s episode has some on mountain mischief and some secret spot rail shinnanigans.  The Tarbells tear up the jib pipe that was just put in at Bear. Have you seen it yet? Yupp…It’s a lot of fun…..

Eric Willett made his way across the seas to Beijing, China!  If you haven’t seen this huge set-up in the Olympic Birdsnest you should really check out this footage. CLICK HERE to see that crazy, huge, Chinese,  wild jump they call The Shaun White Big Air Competition. Congratulations on making it to the 2nd round in Beijing, Eric!! Watch some of the video here:


Can you tell which one is Eric?


Jaeger Bailey and Mitch Richmond have staked their spot in Mammoth for the season. We are stoked for them to shred the enormous, pow-filled wonderland.  They already came out with this epic edit of the first few shred sessions. CLICK HERE TO SEE IT!! If they are doing this kind of stuff now… imagine where they will be in a few months!


Geoff Brown is riding the Flux DS30s to take on the mountain’s up in Canada this season.  Check out his website to see videos and photos of Geoff: www.geoffbrownsnow.com

When we asked him about his whip he said– “My stance is centered, 24’’ wide, 18 degrees in the front and -24 in the back. Yup it is a weird stance but it works for me!”


Lynn Niel has been spending her preseason getting rad in Colorado.  Lynn and her friends at Wasatch Project made this edit of what we are missing out on…..


It’s December! Are Flux Bindings on your Christmas list?! We just announced another giveaway on our facebook page.  You can win a Signal Snowboard with the Flux TT30s to ride this holiday! Check it out by CLICKING HERE!

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