Flux Friday!

Happy Friday! Hope you all are enjoying your ho ho ho’s and Christmas spirits at this time of year.

Here is what the Flux is going on this week:

As always, we started the week of with Ryan and Chad Tarbell and ‘Markass Mondays!’  They make the Monday’s fundays!

Geoff Brown was interviewed by Push where he talks about his ‘miracle’ surgery that keeps him kickin.  CLICK HERE to see the interview.  Geoff also compiled some of his best season shots and although in his interview he says he takes it slow…. It seems like he is full speed here : 

The Dew Tour is off and Flux riders Spencer Link, Scott Vine, Madison Blackley, Raelynd Tarnove, Lynn Neil, Cody Boan, and Eric Willett were all there doing the Dew! Eric Willett gave a run down of his setup. CLICK HERE TO SEE IT!  If you want to see what the course looks like, check it out with Eric Willett here: 

Don’t you love flexing your Flux’s?  Check out this video coming from Bear Mountain:

In honor of our 20th Anniversary coming in 2012, we will be throwing the biggest, baddest, raddest, rager Long Beach has ever seen.  Join us at Kavikas on January to celebrate Flux Bindings 20th year making the best bindings in the world.

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