FLUX FRIDAY – Feliz Navidad!

From all of us at Flux, we wish you a white Christmas!

Markass took off a week for Christmas, but that didn’t stop them from putting together this edit of funny clips.  My favorite of course… that kid….. 

The first stop of the winter Dew tour kicked off and our Flux team was out there doing their best on the slopestyle course to get their name on the top of the new TTR list.  Raelynd Tarnove, Madison Blackley, Lynn Neil, Spencer Link, Scott Vine, and Eric Willett all did great! Congrats on the first contest!  Eric Willett sent this photo of him getting interviewed at the event:

After the Dew Tour was finished, the Nike Chosen event went off! Congratulations to Scott Vine for winning best trick with a frontside 3 and to Madison Blackley for winning best style with her half cab onto the down rail!

You rock Madison! Check out this video recap: 

Kyle Loppicolo hosted ‘Ditch Day’ at Mountain High!  Flux’s excellent Erik Leon took 3rd at the contest for this steeeeezy tail press on the down flat down! Check it out…. 

Jordan and Jonas Michilot will be hosting Cash for Kids on December 31st in Highland Hills, Minnesota. If you are in the Midwest, Click here for more information! 

Jaeger and Mitch are tearing it up in Mammoth.  It looks like they have the park dialed in just right. Click here to see their most recent edit! 

Even though the internviewer is kinda wack, this internview is great because it’s SCOTT VINE! CLICK HERE TO SEE IT

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