– Authorized Flux Dealer!


33 E. Freeport Blvd. Sparks, NV, 89431


Established: 1994

Owners/Managers:  Steve Roberts/James Cook/Michael Dunn

Epic Employees: Gency Warrren, Hank Lemaster

Nearest Resort: Mt. Rose

Started in 1994 in Mountain View, CA (Northern California) as a small skate and snowboard shop with the intention of selling the products we carried by mail order(before the internet). We sent out our first 36 page black and white photocopied catalog in 1994 to 10,000 people. Things went pretty well in the early days and with a few bumps along the road we expanded to a second shop and warehouse in 1996. At this same time we put up our website, which I believe was one of the first retail snow and skate websites ever. In 1998 we wanted to be closer to the mountains so we moved the whole business to Sparks/Reno, NV which is only 20-40 minutes from Lake Tahoe and some of the best snowboard/ski resorts in the world. The 98/99 season was also the first time we actually started selling on the internet all while our Catalog/Mail Order business continued to grow. In the last decade we have gone from one store to two and then to three in the Spark/Reno area. Now we are back to two shops one in Reno and our Warehouse/Retail shop in Sparks. Also during this time our internet business has obviously grown to surpass our mail order business but we still send out our 64 page catalog to over a 150,000 customers.

Our shop is special because since we have a really strong internet presence we can carry a ton of product especially some of the more unique and hard to find items from the best Snowboard Brands in the world. You won’t find a shop anywhere in the Reno/Sparks/Tahoe area that has a better selection of snowboard products. We also have a very knowledgeable friendly staff that have been with us for as long as 15 years. Everyone that works at our shops snowboards as much as they can and since we are so close to Tahoe are lucky enough to test most of the products we carry on a regular basis.

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