Happy Flux Friday!

Happy Friday all you Flux fanimals! And a Happy Martin Luther King weekend! Martin Luther King had a dream… do you?  Our Flux team makes dreams come true. Check out what they have been up to this week!

We kick off the week with another Sunday in the Park.  CLICK HERE to see Erik Leon and Keoni rocking their Flux Bindings.

This week’s episode of Markass Mondays goes hard in the paint. Ryan and Chad Tarbell are epic as always and Bradshaw go’s wild.  This skier is great too…..Check it out: 

If you like snowboarding…. And you like raves….. you will like this video. The Nike Chosen event at Mt. High was cray.  Ian Sams walked away with 2nd, and Jaeger Bailey took home 3rd    congratulations guys!

Since the Peepshow girls go hard… they fall even harder.  This is probably the best collection of crashes I have seen.  Flux’s June Bhongjan and Bryn Valika have some shots in his montage….

Eric Willet won 2nd at O’Neill Evolution in Davos, Switzerland—and for good reason. Check out his run in his yellow SF45s here:  

Madison Blackley got some sweet shots at the Stepchild Blue Ribbon Rail Jam in Brighton.  Check out her nosepress and switch board 270….. 

We all know Scott Vine…. But do you know Scott Vine? Check out his interview by CLICKING HERE 

Zack WIlmott can do 25 tricks on his RK30s…. can you? 

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