Authorized Flux Dealers

Pelican Ski and Snowboard Shop

3555 Route 22, Whitehouse, NJ, 08889


Nearest Resort:

Blue Mountain, Palmerton, PA / Mountain Creek, Vernon, NJ

Most popular Flux models: SF45,

Owner: Steve Spilatro

Manager: Art Moore

Key Employees: Andy Love, Jose Baistsa, Art Moore

Year Established: 1950

The Company started simply in a small building in rural Whitehouse, NJ.  Over the years, thru hard work and great service, the business grew and so did the building.  Today, the original Pelican in Whitehouse NJ is over 30,000 Square Feet.  Plus, there are another 5 locations in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  And let’s not forget one of Pelican’s Founding Members can still be found working part-time at the original location!
Pelican is family-owned and operated.  We take great pride in our long history and our exceptional, conscientious staff, many of whom have been with us for over 20 years.  We know our products and what good customer service really means!

Pelican is a Friendly, Laid back shop that has maintained a great reputation in our area for many years. Our Employees love the snow industry; they are knowledgeable, friendly, and always willing to take the extra step in order to make sure the customer is happy.

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