Flux Friday!

What the Flux is going on?

Today Eric Willett qualified first in the Semis at the Dew tour! Congrats!

Monday’s keep getting better and better. Get Markassed with Chad and Ryan Tarbell! 

Ian Sams,  Scott Vine,  and Erik Leon have some big things coming their way.  Check out this edit of the guys Fluxin shit up…. 

Ian Sams is a Crook! He just got on with Crooks Castles and they made him this edit: 

Ian Sams can teach you a few things… so listen up: 

Dave over at Caked got with it and is loving his new Flux Bindings.  Zack Wilmot is loving his RK30s and getting beast on the east! Check out this edit of both of them at Credo 

Volcom PB and J went down at Bear Mountain.  We will be seeing Erik Leon and Robert Toast in Mammoth for finals! Congratulations Erik for getting 2nd… and Toasty for getting 4th and gooiest move.  Check the recap:  

The pals made an edit.  Jupiter People. Flying High. Check it out….. Erik Leon is rocking the new 12/13 DS30s! 

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