Flux Friday!!!!!

Happy Friday! Valentines Day is coming up and you know what fits better than a love bug in a rug? A pair of Flux Bindings.  Go love up on some this weekend.  Here is what our team has been up to this week!

Erik Leon and Ian Sams were featured in this weeks Sunday in the Park! CLICK HERE TO SEE IT! They both will be hanging out with the Flux crew overseas getting wild in Japan next week! Have fun, guys!


Japanese Flux rider Ryo Aono is killing it in his DMCC lights!  Last week he took third in the X-Games half pipe and this week he blew everyone out of the water to get 1st in the Canadian Open half Pipe. Ryo Aono’s championship run impressed the crowds with a Cab 1080, Frontside 540, Backside 900 Tail, Frontside 1080 and Cab 720 . CLICK HERE TO SEE THE WHOLE STORY! Check out this photo of him on the podium…. There is something odd about his photo…. Can you see it???

In celebration of Flux’s 20th Anniversary, we took high school students from Torrance, CA up to Mt. High to have fun in the snow and learn how to shred! Shredding the love!

Congratulations to Spencer Link for winning the Cholula Triple Air at Mt. High! Spencer threw a switch front 9 off the first jump into a front 7 and finished up with a backside double cork 10 to take 1st!  Flux rider Lynn Neil got 4th for the ladies with a back 7 of one of the jumps! Woooweee! Get it girl! Check out some photos and some videos here: 

Chris Brewster stopped by our booth at SIA to show us his new Dinos will Die tattoo– It’s official. He is on the team. Check out his into video:  

Last year at this time, Mizl and his pal sent in a photo to win some Flux Bindings for Valentine’s Day! Although there hasn’t been much snow in Tahoe…he is making the most of it- 

We have a new contest going on to win a Lobster Snowboard and Flux Bindings! Check it out on ou facebook page! 

Think thank teaser- Jaeger Bailey is filming with Think Thank this year and we are stoked to see what he has brewing up.  CLICK HERE to check out the teaser!

Cal State Long Beach has 1 of only 3 pyramids in the whole United States.  On Thursday, they put snow on it! Check out some photos of the event and CLICK HERE to see more photos and a video!

We have a new contest going on to win a Lobster Snowboard and Flux Bindings! Check it out on our facebook page!

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