Flux Friday!

Happy Presidents Day weekend! Did you know George Washington was credited for introducing the mule to America?  Donkey + Horse = Mule?! Genius. What a smart guy.  And for that that… we celebrate this weekend. Shred one up for Washington!

Spencer Link has been kicking it into high gear- starting at Mt. High last weekend when he won the Cholula Triple Air! That warmed him up for a third place win at the last spot in the Dew Tour—Snowbasin, UT!  Link earned his first Dew Tour podium with a 77.25— He pulled a backside nosepress on the up down, to a front 360 over, to backside 180 out on cannon rail.  On the jumps he landed a Cab double 9 to a backside double 10.  CLICK HERE TO SEE A VIDEO AND A FULL RECAP OF THE EVENT! Congratulations Spencer! Stoked for you!

Spencer got to try out his 2012-2013 Flux DS30s on Signal Snowboard’s first ever inflatable snowboard.  Check it out…. 

Geoff Brown sent it to Toronto to find snow.  Like many other places these days… Toronto had no snow.  But that didn’t stop him from getting some solid shots in. CLICK HERE for more photos and details on the trip! 

Ian Sams and Erik Leon are now riding for ‘Landing Headwear.’ Check out their video: 

Ian Sams and Scotty Vine went on a somewhat uncertain Journey. Their quest for snow got them some good shots in Arbor’s new edit. Check it out…..

Now, Ian, Erik and Scotty are shredding the Japanese powder! They went out to meet the Flux family in Japan and from what we have heard… they are really enjoying their time out there! Stay tuned for a video, more photos, and more updates on this adventure!

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