Flux Friday

Happy Friday!  It is finally the weekend! Wooooohooooo!

Here is what the Flux is up…..

Jaeger Bailey got 1st place and a trip to Europe at the Nike Chosen event in Mammoth, CA.   The set up was wild and involved a 60 foot jump and a rail garden with down bars, tubes, ¼ pipes, a wall ride, a closeout, a grizzly bear bonk and a UFO space ship slide.  Joking about the last ones… but it really was wild.  CLICK HERE for more details from Transworld.com and check out his sweet video! Mitch Richmond was also out there tearing up the setup.  Congratulations Jaeger!

Geoff is now filming with Voleurz.  Follow this link to see what Geoff is up to….  http://geoffbrownsnow.com/filming-for-voleurz/

Michelle Zeller started loving her Flux’s and made this edit… Check it out! 

I bet you cant hardway half-cab nosepress bs 180 out.  Shaun Murphy can. And he does it in his sweet Flux Bindings hat…. check it out 

Erik Leon isn’t bored. He boards.  And has fun doing it. Can’t you tell??  

Ian Sams, Erik Leon, and Scott Vine went to Japan to meet the Flux family overseas and shred some Japanese pow! Ian even got 100,000 yen for winning best jibber at the contest! Stay tuned for more photos and footage… coming soon.  

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