Flux Friday!

Happy Friday!

Here is what the Flux team has been up to this week!

Lets start off with another Sunday in the Park! Ian Sams lays some bangers in this one… CLICK HERE TO SEE IT! 

The Big Bear TransAm went off last weekend and there was a good amount of Flux action.  Check out Lenny Mazzoti on the Flux 20th Anniversary board with the ending shot.

Jake Schaible is new to the Flux crew.  He is rocking the 2012-2013 purple DS30s in this edit….and Kyle Smith is riding with the dank green SF45s.  Lookin radddd…..

Shaun Murphey took first at the US open rail jam! Yaaaaww! Nice job Shaun! Kjersti Baas has been rocking some Flux’s and took 2nd in slope and best overall women’s jump at the railjam.

CLICK HERE to see more photos from the event. 

Scott Ladwig took his Midwest crew on an adventure….Check out their new game….


Scotty Vine did Transworld sessions in Buttermilk and laid some gnarly tricks.  Check it out by CLICKING HERE.

Geoff Brown is now riding with Deelux and Velourz! CLICK HERE for the write up and more photos of Geoff!  www.geoffbrownsnow.com

Zack Wilmot and Shaun Murphy know Mt. Snow.  They are tearing up the east coast on their Flux’s… check it out by clicking  here…..

Colorado local Blake Axelson showed Ian Sams and Scott Vine around his home resort. Check it out in the next episode of “Uncertain Journey”


Eric Willett is at Euro X Games.  Check out his prelim run…. Good luck at finals!

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