Flux Friday!

Happy Good Friday!

And man…. Life is good.  Here is what the Flux team has been up to this week….

Ian Sams, Erik Leon, and Scott Vine showed Japan how SoCal shredders do…. Check out this edit from their trip…..

Flux team rider Geoff Brown shows us how to do a tap front board.  “Just tappp it in… Give it a little tappy… tap tap taparoo….”

Lynn neil got 2nd place at Billabong’s ‘Flaunt It!’ for ladies slopestyle!  She also got the award for Best trick for her cab 540 stale.  CLICK HERE for more information on the event! 

Erik Leon and Jaeger Bailey were invited to participate in Snowboarder Mag’s underage rage cage!  “The Launch” setup at Bear Mountain is complete with tranys, tree jumps, bowls and bitches.  Well… maybe not the bitches… they are still underage.  CLICK HERE for more details and check out these shots of Flux team riders Erik Leon and Jaeger Bailey… 

Mt. High will be releasing its first full film this fall titled “Los Angeles.”  Spencer Link rocks his flashy orange RK30s in this teaser… CLICK HERE to see it! 

The Arbor Face Off is going on at Boreal next weekend. Guest judges Ian Sams and Scotty Vine will be there, and Erik Leon will be back to defend his face off title! Get up north! 

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