Flux Friday!!!

The fat lady has sung for most of us this season.  For the end of the 2011-2012 season, we decided to Flux up Bear Mountain, and film some of the local Flux family.

Check out the end of the season edit featuring  Erik Leon, Jake Schaible, Kyle Smith, Lenny Mazzotti, Keoni Kaimuloa, Robert Toste, Scotty Vine, Malin Hjelm, Jaeger Bailey, Mitch Richmond, Anthony Fire, Chad Tarbell, Ian Sams, and Ryan Tarbell.

Check it out

We started the week with a SPOT CHECK at Copper Mountain.  Shaun Murphy and Chris Brewster kill it alongside the epic team at ThirtyTwo.

I get high…high…high…high…

Last weekend, Jaeger Bailey won first place at WCI’s EddieWall-ride event at Mammoth Mountain.  CLICK HERE to see a video and photos from the event.  Spencer Link competed in the big air portion of WCI and got this shot….

Jaeger Bailey has been killing it at SUPERPARK.  He has defiantly been a stand out in these videos throwing some unique and weeeeeird tricks…we are starting to think he might not be from this planet.

See the post below or CLICK HERE for Flux Superpark footage! Jaeger Bailey, Mitch Richmond, Zac Marben and Scotty Vine have all been throwing some wild tricks and getting some photos from Snowboardermag.com !

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