Free stuff from Flux Friday!

Congratulations @ryanshreds!! He sent over this photo of him wake surfing and we Flux with it… so he won this weeks Flux foto contest!

Don’t worry, we have new contest starting every Friday this summer! Check out this weeks…


There are lots of ways to win free stuff from Flux!

If you want to win a Raw Paper / Flux Gift set…. all you have to do is re-post this photo!

Now back to the normally scheduled Flux Friday!

Tom Reilly, Dane Tiene, and their other deadbeat friends took a break from Bear Mountain to shred Russia. Check out this video coming straight from Down-under.  Poor Traits: A Tale of Deadbeats

In Mt. Hood, Erik Leon took the first place win Pipe to Pipe.  Killing it. Check out the recaps….

Uma Abe is now a part of the Flux Global team.  Here he shreds France with the Stonp crew.

Australia is having a video battle! Go vote for team Flux by clicking HERE!

Check out the video ‘Team Flux’ submitted with Tom Reilly and Pete Long.

Ryan Tiene and Dane Tiene also submitted an entry with DC… These brothers are killing it. Stoked to have them both on the Aus Flux team!

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