Flux Friday! Let us tell ya how to win some bindings…..

Congratulations @michelewoods! You won this Flux Friday contest!  All week I’ve been wondering… #WTFlux is going on in this photo?

This week, we’re giving away a prize pack, and a new pair of Flux Bindings!

Here is how to win……

Flux team rider Eric Willett is shredding in New Zealand.  It looks like he’s not having any fun at all….


Geoff Brown is in the new Voleuz edit.  Check out the teaser for ‘Kill Your Boredom’

We sat down with Nima Jalali to learn more about what he is doing these days. Push.co at recently visited the Ashbury office too.  CLICK HERE to read the interview and check out this short edit of Nima at Agenda… Will Nima film a part this year? Will Ashbury be sponsoring any NBA stars? Watch this edit…. 

Flux Australia’s Dane Tiene got the cover shot of Australian/New Zealand Snowboarding Online Magazine.

Japanese rider Ryo Aono got 2nd place at the Burton High Fives Half Pipe contest in New Zealand! Ryo Aono and fellow Flux Japan shred Shuhei Sato also recently competed in the World Cup Qualifiers down under!  Were excited to see more photos like these this upcoming season of our Flux team flying high like this in their Flux Bindings!

Stay tuned on FLUX FRIDAY!

Ryo Aono at World Cup Qualifiers, New Zealand (DMCC lights)

Shuhei Sato at World Cup Qualifiers, New Zealand (DMCC-lights)

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