Flux Friday

Happy Friday! Here is what the Flux team has been up to this week!!

Erik Leon gets board… We are stoked to add Erik to the Flux Global team this year and excited to see more from this steeezy kid….

Zac Marben went on a Down Under Tour with Arnette, check it out!

Blake Axelson and his ‘Mobbin’ Team catch some pretty hefty air. We are stoked to have Blake on the team this year. Check it out….

The guys at Signal Snowboards did it again…. In this Every Third Thursday, they get Tim Ostler back on a snowboard and into some Flux Bindings

Geoff Brown just got back from Montreal– his video won “Best Web Video” at the IF3 festival. Check out the video by clicking HERE

Good luck to our Flux team this weekend at Bear Mountain’s Hot Dawgs and Handrails! Ian Sams, Scott Vine, Erik Leon, Ryan Tarbell, Chad Tarbell, Lenny Mazzoti, and Uma Abe…. Check out the bios on Snowboarder Magazine and tune in for the live webcast tomorrow if you can’t make it by CLICKING HERE! Stay tuned on the instagram for ways to win some prizes if you are at the contest!

Do you want to win a limited edition Flux board? Here is how….

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