Win Flux Bindings this weekend!!

We have some rad Flux fans… and we love hearing from them.

This is what we got from @ekkkaaa: “It was 2008 when I decided to upgrade the whole snowboarding set, and the first time, when I fell across some information about FLUX’s. Their description was really awesome. Dozens of doubts, and finally I decided to buy them. As the result: I have already changed 2 boards since 2008, and one of them “died” in a really horrible way. The only thing I remember after that crash is that my snowboard was broken into pieces, but my FLUXes were absolutely safe and sound. As for DURABILITY – in my opinion, FLUX is the best bindings the world. They are still new – no cracks, no breaks, NOTHING. Also, they are very COMFORTABLE. They are soft. FLUXes and snowboard complete each other totally. I can’t imagine anything else on my board instead of my old and beloved FLUXes. P.S. They are already five years old and they will serve me till they are 10 , I suppose!”

Thanks for the good words!

This Saturday, head over to Surfside in Costa Mesa for the annual ‘Snow Carnival!’  We will be giving out bindings, and they will be having a huge sale! Come check it out!

Here are some photos of the shop that we took last week when we visited Surfside’s,  Duke and Joe.

Then, we are headed to SAN DIEGO for Winter Session….We’re giving out some bindings, and Waka Flocka Flame is going to be there! You should go…..

Congratulations goes out to :  CODY DUNN

He won himself these orange RK30s for Halloween!

Congratulations goes out to : @rockinthemiddle

He sent this photo for #thefluxlife contest and won himself a limited edition Flux snowboard!
You can win this month… here is how:

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