Flux Friday!

Thank you for being a part of Flux Bindings! Here is what the Flux team has been up to this week:

Newest Flux team rider Tyler Lynch  and the GBP crew put out Soup Kitchen 19.  We like these guys….

BLAKE AXELSON is also new to the Flux team.  He released his first full part with Arbor.  He kills it and we are stoked to see what he does this season….  

Blake also rides with his crew, ‘Mobbin’… they just released this edit, ‘Failure to Launch’

Zac Marben released his full part with Volcom— This guy’s a legend….  

Madison Blackley and Zac Marben will have a signature session at High Cascade this summer!  Madison will have session 5, and Zac Marben will be at High Cascade for Session 4!  CLICK HERE for more information on learning from the Flux team at High Cascade.  If you register early, you get quite the swag package….

Flux sponsored the Winter Session party in San Diego last weekend. Check out how much fun it was….

What Coast? Blake Payne rides Flux in this lil edit mostly filmed in Utah last season…

ARKADE Magazine did a binding feature that included the DMCC light, CLICK HERE to see the whole magazine.

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