It’s Flux Friday!

SKELETON CREW released their full length film and it’s awesome.  Congrats to Flux rider Cody Rosenthal for editing, producing, and directing the sickest edit of the season! Mitch Richmond, Ian Sams, and Ryan Tarbell all had rad parts in the film.  Since you can’t get it online anymore… watch to get it on DVD!

Carinthia had a winter fake out…. Zack Wilmot and Shaun Murphy didn’t waste any time….

Here is Zack Wilmot’s opening day in a nutshell… We’re stoked to have this styley dude on our team…

Flux team rider Lenny Mazzotti took some turns on his limited edition Flux board at Bear’s opening day with Johnny Miller…

Check out Day 2 at Bear with Ian Sams, Keoni Kaimuloa, and Kyle Smith….

Erik Leon is killing it at Boreal’s opening day…. This photo shows him flying high in his DMCC lights.  ….


Blake Axelson and his crew put out another ‘Failure to Launch…’ check it out

We are giving away a snowboard this month…. Check it out….

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