Flux Friday

Happy Friday!  Our Flux team has been doing things… rad things… take a look at what they have gotten into this week…..

Erik Leon was listed in Snowboarder Mag’s Minor Threat list for the best riders under 21! Killing it….

The first Sunday in the Park from Bear Mountain has some Flux love! Keoni Kaimuloa is killing it on the Flux limited edition snowboard, and Ian Sams is testing out the new 13-14 DL’s.  Robert Toste is shakin in his SF45’s!

Also at home in So Cal is Spencer Link.  Check him out with his orange RK30s in Mt High’s, ‘Drive in’

On the other side of the nation, Zack Wilmot, Alex Hereford, and Shaun Murphy are running Carinthia.

Zack Wilmot has been tearing up his home mountain, Carinthia. Take some Hot Laps with Zack Wilmot as he gets wild in his RK30s

In Colorado, Blake Axelson is getting more styley as the days pass… check out the most recent edit, Failure to Launch

Also in Colorado today, is the finals for the Sprint Grand Prix.  Flux rider Eric Willett is competing .… Good luck dude!  Here is what the vibe looks like…

The winner of the limited edition Flux Board made this little edit of him setting it up!

Want to win some bindings from Flux? We are doing a photo contest… and also giving away special prizes to anyone who enters that goes to Mountain High’s Roots, Rhythm and Rails contest tomorrow!


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