We started out the week with another Mark Ass Monday. Flux team rider RYAN TARBELL shreds hard on the old skool whip…..  

Congratulations to Mariah Dugan for taking 5th at the Billabong Flaunt it Finals at Sierra last weekend! Looking good in those new ‘GL’s.’

Erik Leon and his teammate Jay Hergert were most appropriately named the best snowboarder in the Universe by Yobeat!  Check out the whole story HERE!

After being crowned, Erik then competed in Airblasters, ‘Board Games,’ and took the award for best Crab Grab!

Then ERIK LEON went out to Squaw… for a party.  He’s an animal!

And with all the footage of ERIK LEON this month, this is my favorite.  He joined Arbor teammate Curtis Woodman and they Surfed the Earth!

Boreal has been doing some good things this season… ERIK LEON has called it home for most of the winter, and is featured in Transworld’s Park Sessions… Stay tuned for a shredit, CLICK HERE for a full recap.

Flux co-sponsored the Face off at Boreal! ERIK LEON was the judge to make sure people got Flux’d…

TYLER LYNCH, ALEX HEREFORD, and MEGUMI SUZUKI… were FLUX’n up the last days at Boreal Mountain…

The latest Soup Kitchen is up… featuring Flux team rider TYLER LYNCH.

Grant Heilman has been taking it easy with a broken collar bone all season.  This is taking it easy for him….

SHAUN MURPHY feels that conga beat in his sombrero, and ZACK WILMOT takes vacationing to the next level in his new hawaiian print Flux RK’s for 13-14!! Check em out… 

Lungie Land …. RYAN TARBELL just got the vibe.

Happy Holidaze…. see ya at the Games!


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