Flux Friday!

Happy Flux’n Friday! Get outside this weekend!

Mammoth is probably the funnest place to be right now.  JAKE SCHAIBLE and LENNY MAZZOTTI went out to get springtimed…

MIKE GRAY is headed out to Superpark with the rest of the FLUX team.  He went last year, but his footage was never released…. Until now…

Markass Monday went to Mammoth. TYLER LYNCH kills it on the skate…

TYLER LYNCH and the JSLV team are always killin it.  Here is an edit from JSLV’s recent team signing.  Make sure you ask your local shop if they preordered the JSLV x FLUX collab for next season! They are already flying fast!  

IAN SAMS got lost this season… Get lost in his edits…

SPENCER LINK took 4th at the Whistler Shred Show last weekend.  This is how he parties…

FANCY RUTHERFORD is so Fancy… she tells us about herself on ANGRY SNOWBOARDER. CLICK HERE to read up!

fancy creeper

CODY BOAN’s life is one big vacation out in Colorado.  Here is what he’s been doin in his SF’s…

Want to get a Flux hat? Or a shirt? Come out to Toyotafest tomorrow at the Queen Mary in Long Beach. Come say Hi at the Flux tent and say you saw this post!


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