Flux Size Chart

Here is the sizing for our bindings.


SMALL: Mens’s 5 – 6.5 (23cm – 24.5cm)

MEDIUM: Mens’s 7 – 9.5 (25cm – 27.5cm)

LARGE: Mens’s 10 – 13+ (28cm – 30cm+)


X SMALL: Women’s 5 – 7 (22cm – 24cm)

SMALL: Women’s 7 – 9 (24cm – 26cm)

Please note: Sizing may vary depending on the boot make and/or manufacturer


190 thoughts on “Flux Size Chart

  1. Yes, a size 31cm boot will fit in a large. Just be sure the straps are extended and the toe and heel pads are extended out to the max.

  2. thomas says:

    hey i wear a size 13 will flux bindings fit my boot. i measured them and there are around 32 cm or so
    thanks for the help

  3. vinny says:

    just bought large titans… wondering if a size 9.5 boot will fit, thanks.

  4. alli says:

    want to buy titans for women, my size is 8,5-9…just wondering if the Small size will be ok) thanks for reply!!! really can’t decide…

    • What we recommend is to take your boots to a local store and fit them to make sure. Sizing differs from boot make. If you have bulky boots I would go with a medium, if not go with a small. Thanks! Flux.

  5. Sorry, you would need a large binding. 10.5 is too big for medium binding

  6. David says:

    hello i’m a man and i’m wearing size 6 (salomon boots)
    and i wanna buy FLUX RK30 TEAL
    what size fit on me???
    i believe that my size will me small but there are only m size left.
    is it ok to have a m size ?

  7. Jake says:

    Hi, i have size 7.5 boots and am interested in the tt30’s, would a M be too big? I prefer lighter bindings, and it seems the M has a lot of unnecessary weight. Would I be able to fit a small? The store only has M left, so maybe i’ll wait til next season

  8. Tawneerae says:

    hi, im looking into buying the gu30. on the flux website it says they come in xs/s or s/m
    everywhere i go/call looking for a medium, they dont have it.(do they only come in xtra sm and small?) according to this size chart a small only goes up to a 9, but im a 9 1/2. im wondering if it would still work out? maybe extend the straps as big as they go?… I want to order them, and figured I’d just return them if they dont work out. just thought i’d ask first.

    • We always recommend fitting your boot to the binding before you purchase them! Women’s bindings come in XS and S. I have fit my women’s size 9 boot into the women’s small bindings without a problem, but a men’s medium is a better fit for me. Try it for yourself in a shop if possible and see what your think! Hope this helps!

  9. Mulley says:

    Hey guys I have jus bought a set of RK30’s in a large.. I came home an tried them with my boots (dc parks size 11),, when in the bindings my boots look to skinny or the bindings look to wide??? Is this a problem or have I made a mistake in sizing???

    • It is always best to fit your boot with the binding in store if possible. All boots differ in sizes and widths. When your bindings are tightened, they shouldn’t slip around or move while riding.

  10. tok says:

    Hi, im looking into buying the gu30/pink. on the flux website it says they come in xs/s or s/m.
    according to this size chart a US size 6 fits in xs. I have got 32 boots which is quite wide boots compare with other label’s I think. So I tried it in a shop to check the size. It seems that both xs and s size fits in my boots w adjusting.
    Maybe XS is just fit and S has bit of room….but tight enough.I am not sure which size is bettr for my boots. Maybe S is bit big for my boots even it fits w adjusting as it is for size 7 〜? Thank you for your help!!

    • Thanks for your interest! If you fit your boot to the binding in store…you should be fine with either size! Our bindings are adjustable so you can have the best fit possible with either binding. Out of opinion, I usually get the bigger size–just in case my foot grows, or I get bigger boots. If you plan on getting smaller boots, other than your 32s, maybe consider the XS. IF you boot isn’t slipping or moving in the binding, you should be ok with the S/M.

  11. tok says:

    Thank you so much for your help!!

  12. Rach says:

    Hello i have recently purchased a Women’s DC Search boot size 8.5 US Womens. I was wondering if the Flux GM30 binding in a small would fit this boot. I am unable to fit the boots at a local dealer. So your opinion is greatly needed!

    • Thanks for your interest in Flux! I’m sure you will love the GM’s. A small should work out for you! However, as all boots vary, it is absolutely best to try it together in a shop if possible!

  13. dan13lw says:

    hey, will a size 15 boot fit in a flux titan L? cheers!

    • Flux Bindings are fully adjustable and straps can be extended to fit larger boots. However, please fit your boot to a binding in store to ensure the best fit possible!

  14. Tyler says:

    do flux toe straps go on top of the foot and in front tight

  15. Courtney Ayers says:

    hi if i have a womens size 8.5 or 9 boot would it be ok for me to use a medium in the 2012 dmcc lights for riding? just wondering if there is much of a difference between mens and womens bindings before i buy them

    • Courtney,
      You will be rockin in the mediums. The women’s bindings are designed for women, obviously, but that’s not to say you can’t ride the men’s binding just as hard as they do. Get it girl….

  16. YeahforIt! says:

    I have a size 25.5 Salomon Dialogue, should I go with a size S or M bindings?

  17. Peetu says:

    I have size 11 burton (grail 11) shoe but footprint is more like size 10. Will my boot fit in M size binding? and is the only differences between sizes L and M the size of base plate?
    And there is no chance to fit boot properly in snow shop cause there is no flux bindings in finland…

    • While you may be able to fit into a medium, you would probably have a better fit with a large. The difference between sizes is in the baseplates and straps. Since you are on the borderline for sizes, it would be easier to adjust the straps then to extend them to their limit. Hope this helps!

  18. Master of Disaster says:

    I have size 9 Nike Kaijus…will the Large RK30 fit? Thanks!

    • You are borderline sizes. You’re towards the smaller end of the large, but after adjusting the straps they should fit. As always, we recommend its always best to try it out in a shop to be sure!!!

  19. Drew says:

    Will a 12 in thirty two boot work?

  20. Logan says:

    i have burton motos size 15 will Large RK30’s work?

    • Try to fit it in a shop. Every boot manufacturer is different so it is hard to tell if your 15 will fit in a large. Flux’s straps are adjustable and We do have extender straps to fit larger boots. Hope this helps

  21. Beth says:

    Is there any difference in sizing for youth? I have flux bindings that say no 13 on the back and I am trying to figure out if they’re suitable for my 8 yr old daughter who wears a size one. The tag inside says M-L… is this a youth size or its all the same?

  22. Dennis says:

    I Have Vans matlocks size 10, Would they fit a Medium or should i go with large?

    • IT is always best to fit your boot in the binding before you buy it. Head over to your local shop for a fitting. We have a complete list of dealers on our website. http://www.flux-bindings.com . We would recommend a large for you, but if you extended the adjuster straps and toe ramps you would probably be able to fit in a medium.

  23. Kevin Wilson says:

    I am interested in the Flux TT30 bindings. I wear a size 9 ThirtyTwo TM-Two boot. Your size chart indicates a large fits size 10+. However, the retail box indicates a large fits sizes 9+. When I tried a size 9 boot in a large size the straps weren’t a problem but I have a concern/question about the toe and heel ramps. The outer toe box of the boot was flush with the toe ramp while the rear ramp needed extending. Should the boot have some over hang on the ramps ? Would it be better to size down to a medium size for leverage? The large binding baseplate had a big “foot print” on my board which only has a 24.8mm waist.

  24. Graham says:

    hey i have a 2 year old pair of flux bindings size large, but i got new boots this year ( burton hail size 9.5) and looking to buy the flux ds30 was wondering if i should go with a medium or a large?

    • YOur 9.5’s are right on the cusp of medium and large. If you like your larges now, and your new boot fits well in your old larges, I would go for a large. You would probably be able to fit in a medium too because boots have been getting a lot slimmer. It is always best to fit your boot into the binding before you buy it, but again, if your new boot is already fitting into the old large you have…sizing for the DS30s has not changed. Hope this helps!

  25. Kyle says:

    i am size 10 to 10.5 in shoes, what size of boots should i get?

  26. than says:

    hi ..my kid have small binding and now his shoes size 10.5 now can i just change large strap?

    • Wow! Looks like he hit a growth spurt. The baseplate of the binding, highback, as well as the straps will be different sizes. If you were just switching the straps, the foot would hang off the edge… but I’m sure you can see that when you try to fit it. Looks like it’s time for a new binding!

  27. Zaq says:

    Hi , I bought Medium DS30, to my Flow One BOA 10US, boot lenght is 32,5 cm, is right choice?

  28. Tanner says:

    I was looking at the RK30’s. The-house(s) website says size L is 9-12, but yours says M will fit up to 9.5. I wear a size 9 boot, so I don’t want to get the L and have excess room If i don’t have to. Will the mediums work?
    Thank you

  29. Arthur says:

    Hey there. I have size 11 boots (mens) and the only bindings I can find are drake 50’s that are medium. Will that work?

  30. blaise says:

    I was looking at large RK30’s on ebay. I have a 11.5 burton boot. Im almost positive it will fit but just wanted to ask you guys.

  31. jamouri says:

    Hi there, I have size 17 boots (men), will the xl binding works with size 17 boots?

  32. cam says:

    some companies are claining that a size 9 boot will fit in a large, i have burton size 10s (reduced footprint) which make them essentially a 9 wil these fit in a large binding, since mediums are harder to find

  33. Jack Russell says:

    I have a size 10 Burton Ions, and Burton claims their footprint is closer to a size 9. Is it ok to get Medium bindings?

  34. tom says:

    I’ve got sz 10 dc judges, will i fit into a medium?

  35. farlie says:

    Hi, I have womens size 6 nikes will i fit a small or should i go for the xs?

  36. courtney cureton says:

    My name is Courtney, i am a girl who loves the to shred the park and needs new bindings. I want to go with Flux, but i wear a size 10 in womens. The GU15 Pink would be perfect, but they don’t carry my size. What should I do?

    • Hey Courtney! You would be happy in a men’s medium. IF you are looking for something with the same flex and feel as the GU15, try the RK30s. IT still uses the urethane highback and a softer base for park shredding! Hope this helps!

  37. Alexey says:

    I have i 32 lashed boots, size 9.5 and want to buy SF45 bindings for freeride. i must choose M size of bindings or it fit normally in L size too?

    SF45 or DS30 – which better for freeride?

    • Although you can shorten the adjuster straps all the way to make a large work, you would probably fit best in a medium. The SF45 is our freeride binding and is a bit more stiff and responsive than the DS30, which is more of a freestyle binding.

  38. lp says:

    HI guys i was told by shop assistant to get medium ds30 but i am size 10 and i own Burton hail boots, do u think those bindings are ok for my size ?

    • Hey! Thanks for the interest in Flux! A size 10 is on the borderline of a medium and a large. You should be fine in either size. If you went with a medium, you would just extend the adjuster straps to their full potential and you should fit fine. However it is always best to fit your boot into the binding itself to guarantee the best fit! Hope this helps!

      • Lp says:

        Hi thanks for the reply, yes I got medium size with burton hail with that shrink footprint so I am assuming its fine with medium ??? Would I be able to get large size straps from anywhere ? Cheers

      • Depending on availability, you can most likely purchase large straps from your distributor.

  39. Felix says:

    Just got the Flux TT30. Man these are sick. My first ever binding but tried loads while hiring, and these are so comfy and doesn’t feel like your wearing anything at all :p. Cheers guys.

    For any one with this setup (bellow) and wondering what size you may need here is some help.

    Board: K2 Fast plant 157
    Boots: Thirty two TM -two Size (uk9) US 10

    With this boot you can have Large or Medium. I took the Medium as it fits when you extend the base tongues (heel and toe) and my board is a little narrow.

    Keep in mind however your boot toe still goes slightly over the toe tongue of the binding. But works great.

  40. Lou says:

    Hi guys

    Planning on buying the Flux tt30’s bindings, what size would you suggest? I have size 10us Flow Rivals boots and a Yes 156 typo snowboard (waist width 251mm). Would a large be fine?

    • yea! You will be fine in a large! You can adjust the adjuster straps to get the perfect fit in the straps. Stoked you’re on Flux! Let us know if you need anything!

      • Lou says:

        A big thanks guys, top notch customer service. Super stoked to be making the jump to flux, you guys have won me over, now to purchase! from your Aussie pal, Lou

  41. ray yoo says:

    hi I have i nike kaiju boots, size 8 and want to buy dmcc light bindings i must choose S size M size?
    and when i buy 2013 flux!!! T.T

  42. Emily says:

    I wear a size 7.5 and I was wondering if the small RK30 bindings would be too small?

  43. Rob says:

    Just another sizing question… Gonna pick up some SF45s and I’m wearing a Salomon F22 (small footprint) US 10.5, supposed to have the footprint of a 9.5. Do I wanna go with a Medium or Large binding? No store in my area to test fit unfortunately… Thanks!

    • Hey Rob…
      A 9.5 is on the cusp of a large or a medium, so you should be ok with either size. I have never had any experience with Salomon boots, but If the boot is supposed to have a 9.5 footprint I would go with a medium. You can extend the adjuster straps out to their maximum capacity to make for a better fit. If you get the larges, you can shorten the adjuster straps to make them fit a smaller footprinted boot. Hope this helps!

      • Niki says:

        Hi guys, I was looking at getting the gm30’s but im not sure whether to get the xs or the sm. I have a size 7 (being the cutoff for both sizes) dc scout (pretty low profile).
        Getting new bindings because my others are too big.


      • Hey thanks for your interest in Flux! I am sure you’ll be stoked when you get to riding them. LIke you mentioned… you are right on the cusp of sizing, so you should be fine with either. It is always best to fit your boot in a shop if possible before you buy it.
        With the adjustment straps, you will be able to get the fit you need with either the XS or the S. With the small you will have to put those adjuster straps down, wiht the X-tra small you will just extend the straps. HOpe this helps!

    • Anthony D says:

      Hey I got the same issue did it work? The 10.5 reduced foot print in a Med boot?

  44. seb says:

    if i buy a large tt30 for my 9.5 burton boot and they dont fit can you arange somekind of way to fit a medium strap on there?

  45. adam says:

    Hi, I’m interested in purchasing a pair of your 2011/12 TT30 bindings and was wondering whether I should order size medium or large? I have a pair of Nitro Barrage boots in a US 10. Thanks.

    • A size 10 is on the cusp of both sizes. You should be fine in either size if you adjust the adjuster straps appropriately. You can either extend them to their furthest if you get a medium, or bring them in smaller if you go with a large. I recommend fitting your boot into the binding in a shop if possible.
      Since all boots are different, this is the only way to guarantee the best fit. If you boots are low profile, you should be fine in a medium. Hope this helps.

  46. Bob says:

    Hey, I am looking to get the 2013 tt30 but am unsure of what size. I have rome 390 boss bindings right now but they fit my thirty two binary boa boots terribly and hurt my feet. I have those in a medium so I am unsure if I should get a large or medium. I don’t want the medium to hurt my feet but also dont want the large to be to big for my boots and board. My board is a rome reverb rocker 151 if that matters.

  47. Frank says:

    Hey so my girlfriend wants to rock this years gu15 but she is a size 10 women’s in the burton supreme heat from 08 … would she be able to fit in the small?

  48. jacobkang says:

    I have thirty two lashed size 9.5. Should I go with the M or the L?

    • Either size would fit you. IF you get the large, you can adjust the adjuster straps to fit your boot, if you get a medium, you can adjust the adjuster straps longer to fit the boot. I suggest since you are between sizes, fitting the boot into a binding in a shop if possible. Check out our dealer locator on our webpage to find a dealer by you.

  49. Emil Hoersving says:

    Does a size 10 boot fits in a size M binding?

  50. Kay says:


    I was planning on purchasing new boots and bindings this year. I am planning to buy Thirty Two Boots TM-Two (women’s) which are a size 10. I wanted to buy the women’s GM 30 bindings, but I don’t think they will work, as sizing only goes to size 9.

    Which men bindings would be comparable to the women’s GM 30? Is there a huge difference between a men and women’s binding? Thanks, much appreciated.

    • Hey Kay! I have your same boot size… so I can help you out!! The mens mediums will fit your boot well…. the only difference in the womens and mens’ models is the baseplates are smaller and a bit more narrow. The highback on the women’s models is shorter and sits lower on the calf (us ladies have lower sitting calves).
      If you want something with the same flex as the GM30, I would go with the TT30… or even the DS30!

  51. Shahin B says:

    I wear a size 14 boot, and I was wondering if I’m reaching too much to look into Large SE30 or TT30s for my board or could it work?

    • We recommend fitting the boot into a binding in a shop if possible, since all boots are different. IF you have a low profile boot this might work if you extend the adjuster straps, but it might be pushing it.

  52. Hi, I have a pair of Medium/Large 2010/11 Flux supertitans and I love them! Have tried a whole host of other bindings but these are the best! Firstly are TT30s the nearest in your current range to the Supertitans? Also you dont seem to do a medium/large size anymore just medium or large… I’m confused? The medium/large are perfect for my UK size 9.5/US10/Eur44/28cm Salomon boots. If you can help it would be seriously appreciated… Thanks, K.

    • Thanks for the support! Stoked you like your bindings!
      We have always done S, M, and L sizing. Look on the bottom of your baseplate to see if it is a M or a L.
      The TT30s would be closes to the SuperTitans.
      Hope this helps!

      • BigHill says:

        Thanks for all the info. I’ll take a look, they must be a large… I’m getting some TT30s asap but just one small problem. Where do I buy Flux bindings in France? I’m based in Chamonix and cant find them anywhere?! (You need to get a supplier out here!) I have a LibTech test centre in Cham and we would pair all of our boards with Flux bindings if we could… Thanks again, K.

      • Contact your distributor in France and they can help you out! info@arborcollective.eu

  53. akatsuki says:

    I wear a woman’s size 6 boot and was wondering if i could fit in the men’s size small FLUX SF45 binding?

  54. Emerick Oshiro says:

    I have Large Emblems, my boot is Nike Vapen 9.5. The bindings seem a bit big.. Should I downsize to medium bindings and just keep the emblems for parts? Any binding recommendations for park riding?

  55. Chris says:

    I am about 240 lbs and wear a size 13 shoe. I am looking at either the RK30 or TT30. Which will be better for my weight and shoe size? Also, any ideas on a good boot?

  56. 1212 says:

    Would a 32 lashed US10.5 fit in a SF45 medium with straps maxed out?

    Would it be possible to get straps from the large model? Or does the base plate/frame differ too much


    • The baseplate is going to differ in the large as well. It is possible to get larger straps, but you would have to pay for the spare parts. Send an email to info@flux-bindings.com and we can help you out. It is always better to fit your boot in the binding before purchasing it… all boots are different!

  57. Jonnie Russ says:

    Hey i sent an email about getting some flux stickers two fridays ago and i got a reply, but then i left my name and address and i have heard nothing back and have not received any stickers. Just wondering why this was.

  58. John says:

    Just picked up TT30 small for a size 7 boot, feels a bit small. Should I return for a medium?

  59. florie says:

    Hi I wear a women’s 6.5 (US) size boots. Will I be able to fit the Flux emblem size small instead of xs? Thanks!

  60. Tim says:

    I’ve got sized 10.5 Burton Hail boots. Should I go medium or large sized bindings with the Flux RK30?

  61. Marcus says:

    I’m looking into buying the RK30’s. I wear a size 13.5 boot. Will this be a quality fit, or will it just make due? An explanatory response and suggestions would be awesome. Thanks.

    • Since all boots are different, it is always best to fit your boot into the binding in a shop if possible to guarantee the best fit. With the larges, you can extend the adjustable straps to their full potential and also extend the toe and heel ramps on the base so you get the best fit for larger boots. Hope this helps!

  62. Kent Suzuki says:

    Hi, guys. I have some questions about the tt30 bindings. I have some late model k2 boots, I think it’s called Transit and I have a size 9 or a 27cm. that would be a medium, right?

  63. Brady says:

    Hey! I am ordering a set of yellow rk30s tonight!!! They are awesome!! I rode my buddys rk30s the other night and i loved them. I wear a size 10 in 32 lashed boot and his rks are a medium and they fit pretty snug with some extention to the straps. (He wears a size 10.5 and says they are good). My problem is i have absolutely no way of trying a size large because the closest dealer is 6 hours away! So i know i can adjust larges down to fit but as they stretch from riding will i start to run out of room to keep tightining them?? Will the larges be to wide?? I am really o.c.d about my stance, i dont want any toe or heel drag or over hang at all! Thanks guys keep doing wat your doing!!!!

  64. Brady says:

    Hi will size 10 lashed 32 boots fit better with LG or mediums? I dont want any toe or heal overhang/drag. Will the larges be too wide?? I dont have anyway of trying them in a store cuz the nearest store is 6 hours away. Thanks guys!!!!

    • Either one will fit. I suggest if you plan on growing, get a large. If you have a very low profile boot, a medium might be better, but I doubt you will have any problems in a large.

      • Brady says:

        Thanks! I have another question. Could you tell me how wide the actual base (were your foot sits) is on a large? Just so i know if i will have unwanted width between my boot and the binding. Thanks a bunch haha i would just pick the medium but i dont want to extend the ramps. Just want the best fit! Thanks again!!

  65. Yrjana says:

    Hello, would you please help me? I posted here earlier but my comment seems to be deleted. My board is Lobster Jib Baord 148 (waist 250), my boots are 32 Team-Two US 10,5 size (but I want to buy US11 boots). I cannot decide which size Flux RK30 would be good to me? M or L? Please, advice.

  66. Yrjana says:

    Thank you so much for your time! 🙂

    But, unfortunately, it is not possible to fit my board, boot and binding together in a shop, because all snowshops in my city are out of the RK30 Ms and Ls, I only can order the bindings via Internet-shop. That’s why I asked you.

  67. Björn Hann says:

    Hello would a size 10 thirty-two prime boot fit i a medium ds45 the boot is 30cm long.

    Best Regards:Björn

  68. Björn hann says:

    Ok but i cant try them on a flux binding becus no one sels them her The sole on the boots is 8.5cm at the hel and 11.5cm at The widest part of the toe and 30cm long.

  69. Steven Fallon says:

    Hi. I have a pair of TT30 bindings. When I was riding at the weekend the FTM adjustment screw and the small clip which covers it fell out and I lost it. Is there any way I can go about getting a replacement FTM adjustment screw?

  70. jy says:

    Hi I have Burton Supreme Snowboard Boots – Women’s 2011 size 8. Is a men’s medium binding the correct size? Or should I get a small? Thanks.

  71. skye says:

    i ride with size 10 boots but i really like the ds30 medium, and just got the arbor draft. havent ordered the ds30 yet, but think my burton 10’s would fit into the bindings?

  72. KJ says:

    I have a size 8 boot, would the small in the GM30 be okay? or would a medium be better? cause I can’t find mediums anywhere!

    • Hey KJ! You would be fine in a women’s small. We do not make women’s mediums. You would be ok in a mens medium also, it would just be a bit wider.
      It is always best to fit your boot into the binding in a shop if possible– all boots are different.

  73. Jose says:

    how could I find some spares for my flux RK Titan?It`s been impossible to find them
    Thanks in advance

  74. DBo says:


  75. Matt says:

    I purchased a never summer snowboard and have 10.5 burton ruler boots . Based on board and boot sizing I was sold the medium flux rl bindings. The shoe was perfectly centered over the board and bindings still felt comfortable. I was sold medium due to the make of the boot being not a bulky boot. Do you think this sizing was correct?

  76. Marco says:

    Hello, i have bought 3 years ago a pair of medium se30s, now mi SHOE size (not boot) is an european 43, that i don’t really know hou much is in usa because i looked a lot of websites and every of these says a different size.. (it can be 9.5 or 10, don’t know..) the question is: do i need to buy a new L size binding?

  77. Frank says:

    I have a size 8 Burton Ions, and Burton claims their footprint is closer to a size 7. Is it ok to get Small bindings?

  78. James Goh says:

    I had a pair of 2012 Burton Ions in Size 9 and they didn’t really fit in the M size Flux DM bindings. However, the 2013 Burton Ions no longer have the pieces of padding sticking out so the Size 9 for 2013 fits really well in the M size Flux DM bindings.

  79. Diego says:

    Quick Question for those of you who have/had the 2014 TT bindings. Just received mine, super stoked to get them on the board. How the heck do i remove the footbed to install the bindings. I can only get the rear of the footbed up the front does not want to seem to follow? any info is appreciated!

    • Hey Diego,

      thats all thats needed to install your bindings, just lift the rear part up. thanks, hope you like them!

      • Diego says:

        Awesome just wanted to double check. Thank you for the quick response, cant wait to get them on the board. Build quality is on point!!! And for others my size 10 flow rift boots seem to fit perfectly in the large, may not even need to adjust the straps down! Thanks flux!

  80. jim says:

    Women boots 6.5 is it ok to fit small flux binding?

  81. Jeremy says:

    Will flux bindings fit most new snowboards ? eg. Solomon, Burton, lobster.

  82. Raymond Rodgers says:

    I am just curious how the stiffness scale works for your bindings. Is a stiffness 1 the softest or firmest you make your bindings?

  83. Jake says:

    I’m looking to buy the rk30’s and i wear a burton boot size 10. would it be best for me to buy the large?

  84. Hi! Which size of GL bindings should I buy if I’ve got Salomon boots fusion series (US size 6.5)? X-S o S-M?
    Many thanks

    • Hey Valeria, an XS sounds like that would be the one. but when buying bindings all boots are slightly different. I would suggest taking in your boots when buying bindings.


  85. Austin says:

    Looking to buy a pair of RKs, and I use size 13 Ride boot (Lasso’s), would a large do the trick?

  86. Hugo says:

    Are these sizes quoted in US or UK sizes?

  87. Luke says:

    Hi! I have got Burton Ion 2012 size US 11 which got pretty small foot print for that size. Should I go for Flux TT in size M or L??? There is no local shop to try it.

  88. Hey I plan on getting the flux ds and I have Burton Imperials in 10.5 that have a small foot print of about a 9.5 or a little bigger. Do you think I should go with the large or medium?

    • Hey Justin, thats a close one, i think either one would work depending on how small the boot is. best bet would be to bring in the boot and fit it to each one, then see which one you want to purchase. thanks!

  89. Matt says:


    I am looking at buying the new 16/17 flux XF to go with my never summer snowtrooper and burton ruler 10.5 boots. My boots have footprint reduction and are more like a 9.5 but are still 28 cm . Would you recommend a large binding or medium binding ? I currently use the medium 2014 flux rl but it’s a pretty tight fit with the straps … Help please .



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