Why Flux?

Top 10 Reasons Why to Flux…

1. 2 hole discs and 3 hole discs available upon request at no charge.

2. 2 sets of Urethane stabilizers (different compounds) included in DM, DL, DS, and SF.  Leave them off to compliment the reverse camber of Rocker boards!  Snap them on to get more response and control.

3. “FTM” / Flux Toe Mask Strap – Patented – Flux was the first to design the cap strap design.  This design holds your boot firmly back to prevent heel lift with no pressure points!

4. 3D Ankle strap – maximum comfort and performance.  This strap works cohesively with the FTM for a secure fit.  You literally will ‘feel nothing!’

5. Tool Free hardware – Easy simple adjustment anytime, anywhere

6. UU Fit System – Ankle strap connected between base plate and highback – prevents side to side movement in heel pocket and gives you a full 360 degree wrap around your boot.

7. Glass enforced Nylon base plate – structural integrity, absorbs vibration.  Different densities depending on size and model.  Lifetime warranty on all new baseplates.

8. Urethane highback – Flux was the first to introduce urethane and we have perfected the blend.  The RK and GU models – Provide lateral flex for maximum mobility and tweaking in the park, and a stable spine for front to back support. Skate inspired feel.

9. Low profile magnesium ratchets – strong, light, smooth operation, and catch free

10. Adjustable toe and heel ramps – for custom sizing.


27 thoughts on “Why Flux?

  1. Ramon says:

    Hi Flux – I own a set of 08 super Titans. I think that you guys make the best bindings on the market hands down. You guys rock! The only issue I have is that the ratchets that I have are now very loose. The rivets feel like they are going to fall apart, maybe because they are aluminum and is a softer metal. Is there a way to purchase 4 new ratchets (buckles) for my bindings. I really cant afford to even buy new bindings.


  2. Tee says:

    legit legit legit!!! this years titan RKs are whatsup not only are they the most comfortable bindings ive ever rode in my life i honestly think they improve my overall riding in the park good support on jumps and so soft on rails 10/10 all day long flux is doing it right!

  3. kevin says:

    Just thought I would let all the boarders know; FLUX Bindings are the best on the market. I have a 07 or 08 super titan and after trying out the new Cartels for half of a season, I am selling my Cartels. I believe the Cartel’s have flaws in their design. The reason why I purchased the Cartels’ is because my Flux were a bit strenuous to strap and undo. Also, wanted a lighter set of bindings (The new Flux bindings have better or easier ratchet system. And the Cartels are not that much lighter. I’ve tested out a friends Titan Rk)
    So with this said, I will sacrifice weight and hard ratchet for the most comfortable and well designed bindings. I truely believe this after having it compared myself.
    p.s. I cant find the Titan Rk anywhere, will I have to bare the agony and wait til next year? If so, are there any differences between the 2010 and 2011?

    • Kevin, Thanks for the support!
      Lucky for you, we updated our ratchets. They are now 50% smoother on the release and entry. For the 2011 Titan RK, we have some fresh new colorways, updated hardware and redesigned FTMs. Plus it has urethane highbacks for maximum tweakage.

  4. Aaron Fults says:

    Yo flux . i was currently riding the newest pair of burton CO2 bindings, when this past week at wolf creek colo. i took a bad spill and ended up snaping the high back in half and the heel cup cracked in half as well and sprained the ankle. Got a homie who swears by flux, says their the best. So i took him up on the advise and am now riding the DMCC Super Diamond,……enough said.. Thank you for making such a GREAT product, and i will continue to represent the FLUX…

  5. Herbie says:

    Flux! Thanks for making such a great product! For the last 6 years ive sworn by burton bindings. I always liked thier Missions and Cartels. Then last year a bud got a pair of Titans. He said “Dude you have to try these bindings!” (He used to swear by Burton as well) So I did. I was amazed by the fit! No pressure what so ever. I used to have to loosen my binding on the lift or my feet would hurt but not anymore since I purchased your titans. The bindings are super secure and offer just enough flex. I hooked! Ill be getting Flux year after year!

  6. Look at the Titans, or TT30s. A good, solid binding. Check out the videos on the website too! They have a lot of information on the bindings and their features. Hope it helps!

  7. Mike says:

    Hi, I just bought a pair of PR15 bindings and even the box itself looks awesome, love the design… but I am just wondering where could I get the 2 hole discs in Australia to fit Burton’s annoying ICS?

    Thank you so much!

  8. Droo says:

    I got a pair of flux bindings but can’t put them on my burton board because of the bolt pattern. Is there a way that I can get different discs for this?

  9. Alex Bo says:

    Bought a pair of large SF45. Trying to fit Malamutes size 12. Had to extend the FTM strap to maximum and somehow I don’t feel too happy about it. Where can I buy longer straps?

  10. evangelos says:

    I am looking to buy a very high quality binding which should be very stiff and responsive for carving in high speeds with boardercross boards and for SBX competitions ?
    Please could you advise me which bindings from your entire collection are the right models ?
    Many Thanks,

  11. evangelos says:

    Hi Thanks for your reply finally I bought the DM ,everything fine till when I tried to set the high backs in the right rotation and I realized that something is wrong with the design-production ,please check some pictures which I set you with email and see the differences between the 2 bindings’ high backs .
    Thank you,

  12. Michael Cox says:

    Hey flux i bought some PR15 bindings and when i took a big spill the FTM toe strap cracked down to the padding under it is there any way i could buy a replacement or something?

  13. Quinten Ayers says:

    What would be the best binding to get for jibbing and playing in the park? I was hoping for something not as stiff and light. My eyes were on the RL, would that be my best choice?

  14. Jay says:

    Hey Folks!
    Is the new 360 degrees flexable urethane disk, that comes (as statet in the tech category on your regular HP) only included with the heritage-collection or with every regular 2014-2015 binding, e.g. the DS?
    Just wanted to make sure, ´cause there are some misleading infos on the web.
    Thank you!

    • Hey Jay,
      the new disc is currently only available in the heritage collection, but will be available soon to purchase by it self, stay tuned.


      • Jay says:

        Hey Guys,
        I’m still interested in getting the flexible 360 degree urethane disk, but haven’t been lucky so far finding it.
        As I am in Canada right now, what would be the dealers to order from
        Thank you!

  15. David Oski says:

    Is there a difference in the mens DL and the DS besides price?

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